Kaggle Competition


  1. Overview
  2. ML Formulation of the business problem
  3. Dataset Analysis
  4. Exploratory Data Analysis
  5. Feature Engineering | Data preparation
  6. Modelling
  7. Custom Stacking Classifier
  8. Model Deployment
  9. Future Improvements
  10. References

1. Overview

Source: https://www.kaggle.com/c/amazon-employee-access-challenge

This was a competition conducted on Kaggle. The objective of this competition was to build an ML model that will predict an employee’s access needs, given his/her job role.

When a new employee joins the company he or she needs a variety of access to systems and portals at different levels depending on the designation, business unit, role, etc. of the employee. The employee then goes to his supervisor/manager…

Ankit Chandrakar

Computer Science graduate | Machine Learning enthusiast

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